The Enemy Within Revisited

Ep 18 - The Package

or the Sigmarite Priest Takes a Trip :)


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Falco the Ratcatcher (AKA Michael Morgan)
Badigon the Boatman (AKA Shane)
Smof the Ogre Maneater (temporarily played by Shane)
Gustav Myrthenbaum (AKA Jack Roye)

Such a busy day it has been. A bit of high river murder and some decent profit, but after the display I witnessed from the “Crew” I have for this trip left me with little confidence in their ability to man the ship.


Driven by a need to get to port as soon as possible, I was compelled to hold the rudder for nearly a full day whilst the moronic Sigmarite rooted through my belongings in search of a package. His ‘discrete’ search revealed nothing other than confirming my suspicions that the man is a brainless brute. In the end I told him where the blasted package was and I hear from our resident wordsmith that the dolt actually tried to eat some of its contents after I took to bed. Serves the fool right , I laughed so hard at the news of his resulting violent sickness I didn’t even begrudge being the one to clean up afterwards.


I was relatively sure that once off the boat they could handle themselves but I fear even I must question Baummans judgement on this lot. It seems that even the simple task of delivering a box of Tobacco is beyond them as when they returned the box was still in their possession. Moreover they brought back tales that sounded eerily like kidnapping and common thuggery.

Granted I have no problem with Thuggery but Baumman has never been one to show such a keen interest in anything Common. Perhaps when we finally reach the swamps I can gain an insight into the man’s thoughts, though i have a rough idea yet .. the lot of them are terribly good at chaos and death.


And it is on that note a guard patrol happened to be going by searching boat to boat for some lowlife what dug up the wrong grave. Pissed off the local Baron by making off with a loved one’s remains. Eh four bottles of Brandy sent them on their way happy as a lark .. Though tired as I was I forgot to make sure the good guard captain and his men were on the same page where bribery was concerned .. lucky me he was a keen one and kept them at a distance, Have to remember him see if I can’t get him promoted somehow. Ah yes that brings me to YOU me dear stowaway .. we have some business to discuss.

by Badigon the Smuggler (AKA Shane)


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