The Enemy Within Revisited

Ep 19 - The Red Barn at Weissbruck

(clippings from the Weissbruck Messenger)


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The Enemy Within Revisited Cast:

Falco the Ratcatcher (Michael Morgan)
Badigon the Boatman (Shane)
Gustav Myrthenbaum the Dilettante (temporarily played by Michael)
Smof the Ogre Maneater (temporarily played by Shane)

3 Found Dead at the Old Schroeder Barn
9 Pflugzeit
By Hanz Spieler

Three men were brutally murdered at the abandoned barn on the edge of town, according to the local watch.
“It was a grisly scene,” said Captain Walter Berkel, who is leading the investigation. “One man was found outside, and he was choked so viciously that his neck resembled a prune. His attacker finished the job by crushing his skull. He must have been a big fellow.”
According to the official report, the other two bodies were found inside, having also been subjected to an intense battery. It was noted in the report that one man died from what appeared to be a fall from the second floor.
The scene was discovered yesterday by some local teenagers roaming the woods. “We do not have any suspects at this time, but we are following a few leads,” said Captain Berkel.

Body Found Outside in the “Barn Brutality” Identified as Local Wool Trader
10 Pflugzeit
By Hanz Spieler

The body discovered outside has been identified as local wool trader Bill Hicks, according to Captain Walter Berkel of the watch. Hicks’s wife reported him missing two days ago. The other two men remain unidentified.

Upon further questioning, it was revealed that Hicks had become financially destitute after making a sizeable investment in a new wool delivery that went missing on the river Bogen. After defaulting on his delivery to the buyer, he had to repay the performance bond plus penalties and above market interest, according to officials.

“When I asked him where he got the money to repay the buyer, he just kept muttering ‘I signed a deal with the devil’ or some nonsense,” said Mrs. Hicks. “I don’t know what happened; I just know he was a good man that fell in with a bad crowd.”
“It is not yet known why Hicks went to that barn or who the other men are, but our investigators are starting to form working theories based on the wool deal gone wrong,” said Captain Berkel.

The wife also told the watch that Mr. Hicks recently started making frequent trips to visit the local apothecary Elvira Kleinestun, which was out of character. “He was complaining about a sore knee, but he wasn’t limping or anything. It felt odd to me. I thought maybe he was having an affair.”

The watch attempted to question Ms. Kleinestun, but she has reportedly gone missing. It is not clear whether the watch considers her a person of interest.

Witness Comes Forward in the “Barn Brutality”
11 Pflugzeit
By Hanz Spieler

The watch announced today that a witness has come forward for the case of the murders at the old Schroeder barn. A homeless man going by the name of Weirdroot Stu has come forward and claimed to be in the woods nearby when the event occurred.

Officials stated that Mr. Stu informed the watch that he saw one ogre and three men interrogating Bill Hicks in the woods outside the barn. Mr. Stu, who lay hidden beneath a shrub nearby, said Mr. Hicks’s assailants were questioning him about the “Angel in the barn.” Mr. Stu admitted to being under the influence of various narcotics at the time, according to Captain Berkel.

“While inconclusive, it is feasible that the “Angel in the barn” is referring to Elvira Kleinestun, the missing apothecary," said Captain Walter Berkel.

Mr. Stu told the watch that three perpetrators argued for a while about the next course of action, finally agreeing on a plan to pretend to draw the other men out of the building. At this moment one of the men left the group and covertly entered the barn. Mr. Stu heard one of the other men order the Ogre to kill Mr. Hicks before the group went down to the front of the barn and began yelling. At this point, according to Mr. Stu, he “started tripping real bad” and could not remember anything else.

“We are attempting to corroborate his statements. There have been reports around town of a group of people travelling with an Ogre, but such a thing is common in this port town,” according to Captain Berkel. “Nevertheless, there is a report of a recent incident at a bar that involved an ogre and a priest. We plan to investigate further.” The watch declined to elaborate on the nature of the incident.

Mr. Stu could not be reached for comment.

Wool Sale Connected to “Barn Brutality” Victim
12 Pflugzeit
By Hanz Spieler

The watch has reportedly identified a recent wool sale to be the missing goods that belonged to Bill Hicks, the only identified victim of the recent “Barn Brutality” murders. The transaction occurred last week between an unknown man and local merchants, according to Captain Berkel.

“The seller was definitely not a local, but I thought nothing of it,” said Jeremy Eiger who bought the product. “Personal details are unimportant in such transactions. He looked shifty though.”

The wool was identified by its packaging, which is unique to the Vosser ranch up north. This ranch was recently appropriated by the empire and turned into a barracks.
“Just about all raw wool on the market comes in bales wrapped in sisal and held together by wires, but these were wrapped in jute and held together with steel trapping,” said local textile expert Joachim Aigner. “Upon seeing that, any imbecile could tell you that they came from the Vosser farm.”

“It was also well known on the market that Bill [Hicks] bought the last batch of Vosser wool at a serious premium, and it put him under. I told Captain Berkel immediately,” Eiger further explained.

Even with another break in the case, the suspects remain at large and unidentified aside from race and gender.

“All we know is that the seller of the Vosser wool has most likely left town with his party,” informed Captain Berkel. “At the moment the leads have gone cold.”

There are a number of rumours circulating, including one that has Mr Hicks and the others working for a demonologist and attempting to force Elvira Kleinestun to concoct some evil formulas. There is also speculation that the perpetrators were working for a crime syndicate out of Bogenhafen and that they effectively rescued Ms Kleinestun while delivering a package. When asked for comment, Captain Berkel categorized these rumours as “Utter bullshit.”

​Suspects remain at large.

by Falco (aka Michael Morgan)


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