Welcome to The Enemy Within

an adventure campaign set in the grim and perilous world of …


The Enemy Within is an active campaign that has it’s roots in the classic Enemy Within 1st Edition (but uses 3rd edition rules). It will take the players on a journey across the empire and through Warhammer lore. With adventures from 1st through 3rd sources cribbed, amended, finely crafted together and sprinkled liberally throughout the campaign by yours truly.


Interested players are encouraged to message me GM Noely and join the group. We have players from around the America’s and Asia. Time zones are thus a challenge, so our usual play time is San Francisco Friday night at 6 PM PST (18:00), which is Saturday morning in Asia.

Our scenario begins en route to Altdorf, where our party (little more than strangers at this point) are all intending to enlist in an Expedition funded by the Prince of Tassenink that will depart from Altdorf Capital City of the Empire.

The PCs know little of each other save this common goal but will soon become entangled in a slowly spreading Web of Chaos. And more dangerous than the known enemy without may, in fact, be the unknown Enemy Within.

The Enemy Within Revisited

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