The Enemy Within Revisited

Ep 1 - Wanted Bold Adventurers!
Or, going off to get yourself killed

Listen to Episode 1 of the Podcast here:


Gustav the Minstrel (AKA Davy White)
Athos the Wood Elf Hunter (AKA Jim Hauber)
Grimmir the Dwarf Runesmith (AKA Dan)
Albrecht Vogelkopf the Pitfighter (AKA Davy White)

See the world they said. Earn your fortune they said. Well, if my first impressions of this adventuring lark are anything to go by it’s really not all it’s cracked up to be. So here we are, travelling on a coach, ridden at a snail’s pace (by a couple of drunken incompetents) bound for Altdorf. I say snails pace because I do believe that I could outpace our carriage on foot had I the mind. And I say ‘on the coach’ because with most of the comfortable seats being taken up by that whining noble Lady Isolde and her fawning entourage, here ‘we’ are on the roof of said coach.


And no sooner did we clamber up onto the roof, with barely enough room to get comfortable between the hatboxes and trunks of who knows what finery than the heavens opened. Oh great! And as the cold rain coming down in buckets, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one of our party who began thinking. Could this day get any worse?

Me and my big mouth. As our carriage rounds the bend there appears to be something…no someone in the road. But what’s he or it doing? And why’s he bent over the body of that man? Is he injured? No sooner has the question become a thought than we get our answer. The figure turns and reveals a severed human hand hanging out of the creatures disgusting mouth. A limb which plainly belongs to the now deceased male on the road.

Though human (at least in part) this creature is abhorrent to behold. Its flesh hangs in shreds from its face and hands, and a green foul substance seeps from its eyes. Having spotted a tastier feast in the form of my adventuring party and I, it’s spits out the hand and rushes headlong towards our coach, menacingly brandishing a ferocious looking dagger as it charges.


The horses, having seen enough of this mutant creature to decide they don’t want to stick around, suddenly rear up in panic and bolt, snapping the traces as they do so, taking the unfortunate driver Holtz with them. The screams from the ladies within are only drowned out by the even louder howls from the poor driver as he’s dragged off the path and into the surrounding forest of trees. There goes our driver, not to mention our horses.

Yes it would seem that this day just got a whole lot worse… Sigh!

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