Smof is an immense city Ogre.


Smof has almost humble backgrounds by Ogre standards, being a massive creature who was both born and raised in the city of Altdorf, the capital of the Empire of Man. Now an adult who weighs more than the average horse and is said to be able to move twice the weight, he works odd ends throughout the city for many people. Whether he be unloading ships down by the docks or helping the city watch ‘Suppress’ riots, Smof is no stranger to labor or violence. Smof is a face in a sea of millions, yet he is generally fairly kind, and openly opposes anything that would hinder the great city and the Empire itself.

Smof is a singular rarity among his people due to his personal belief in the Human God Sigmar. He believes that Sigmar was the greatest warrior and hero to have ever lived, and will constantly remind anyone he meets of such things. Regaling tale after tale of Sigmar’s might. Unbeknownst to most, Smof is firmly under the impression that Sigmar was an Ogre, as humans would have been far too weak to have done what Sigmar did. Although he rarely voices these opinions, as they garner him great amounts of disdain from the many men and women of the Empire, who barely tolerate his presence in the first place.

Informally trained by various people throughout his life, Smof has mostly chosen to partaken in bodyguard work. Working for merchants, retired soldiers, and the occasional criminal or thief, he makes an ‘honest’ living, but has reached that stage in his life where the reality of the world being much bigger than Altdorf has hit him. His lust for adventure boils in the back of his heart, and while the concept enthralls him, he remains timid to the idea of exploring the world at large! He’s decided that while he intends to go, he does not intend to go alone.


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