Athos Reil Lorne


Wood Elf with Braided clay red hair. Wears elven crafted leather armor with finely crafter elven woodsman clothes. Equipped with the ceremonial dagger that slew the daemon and an exquisitely crafted Elven Long bow. The dagger is still stained with the blackish blood from the vile daemon.


Athos is known for being particularly brave. However, this was not always so. He was once a cowardly noble who shrunk from battle and only enjoyed hunting. One night while he was out, he found himself thrown off his horse and separated from his companions. Hopelessly lost, he wandered for hours. When the moon had just risen, he wandered into a clearing. What he saw there was a four-armed daemon and the elf-maiden it was torturing. Forgetting his fear, he charged into the glade with his dagger and slew the daemon. After the daemon had been killed, the maiden revealed herself to be an unknown goddess. She bestowed three gifts on him. The first was he would be freed from his fears. The second would be his first-born daughter; to be a savior. The third is still yet to be found.

As a now exiled Elf prince, Life is never boring in the land of men. After falling in love with the High Priests daughter and fathering a child I refusing to go through with an arranged Elven marriage. Which was cause for my banishment. My Nobility means nothing in the world of men though. Rumors of the other noble family sending a bounty hunter to bring me back for punishment are seeming more true these days having crossed paths with wood elves and humans from surrounding towns of Athel Loren . Fleeing the Elven kingdom before my trial and banishment I “borrowed” the Elven bow Chimera which I was using while training to become a Highborn. At times he may be caught talking to his bow.

Athos Reil Lorne

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