Albrecht Vogelkopf


Albrecht would be considered handsome were it not for the numerous scars marring his face. He has close cropped hair and an intense stare that most people find hard to read.

He dresses in practical clothing, and is always armed to the teeth, including the two curved blades for which he is known in the Pits, Hummingbird and Panther.



Albrecht was born to a poor family in Altdorf, and early on was involved with ruffians and toughs. Arrested one too many times for brawling, he was given a choice: become a soldier or earn his freedom in the pits.

Albrecht doesn’t do well with authority.

His exploits in the pits, and quick rise to fame and notoriety, helped earn Albrecht his freedom, but now he was addicted. He’s considered one of the top up-and-coming pit fighters in the Reikland, and works as one of a large stable of pit fighters owned by [insert criminal kingpin here]. He knows the men who help bankroll him are not good men, but they pay well and life is comfortable.

And there’s promise of fortune and fame in Albrecht’s future.

Albrecht Vogelkopf

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